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The store we designed for Garrett Leight in San Francisco

Garrett Leight - San Francisco


We completed a showroom for eyewear designer Garrett Leight located in the San Francisco neighborhood of Hayes Valley. The narrow space is composed of contrasting solid white surfaces and plywood textures that create a uniquely Californian identity for the brand.



To boldly define the 800sf store, we created a thickened wall that wraps and re-shapes the space into two primary areas. The first contains a thirty-five foot long bank of casework, projecting from the wall, for the display and storage of eyewear. The second area, carved into the thick wall, is a flexible display space for videos, imagery and other media that shapes the ethos of the brand. 


In response to the substantial depth of the space, and taking inspiration from the classic San Francisco bay window, West of West conceived the main display wall as a series of canted, modular boxes. Their rotation towards the street increases the visibility of the products on display and creates a visual texture within the store. 


Space to enjoy the brand:
At the front the store a casual seating area is stocked with a supply of magazines, books, and plants while a large mirror reflects the activity of the street. Eyewear fittings, adjustments, and sales all take place along a large cantilevered table.


Architect: West of West
Client: Garrett Leight California Optical
Lighting Designer: Sean O’Connor Lighting
Fabrication: Maneuverworks
Construction: Buck O’Neill Builders
Photography: Michael David Rose
Publication: DeZeen