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Garrett Leight - New York


Crafting a set of experiences into a continuous ribbon for a SoHo storefront.


This California based eyewear brand connects with its users through storytelling in a variety of mediums. They publish different types of media along with their product to create a rich cultural landscape to connect with their audience on a broad level. Our challenge was to collect, organize, and string together these stories, creating a cohesive space to physically experience the brand.


Inspired by this narrative, we broke down the way they tell stories into a series of experiences: reading, touching, listening, learning and talking, all set within a narrow storefront in the historic SoHo neighborhood of New York. To contain these experiences we distorted one of the most classical architectural objects, the wall. This wall bends, twists, and lifts its way around the space to capture the experiences and connect the various media produced by the brand. The final outcome is a continuous white ribbon that transitions from one condition to the next, connecting stories to spaces.


Reading in the Garden.
At the entry the ribbon is low, a flattened and twisted line that creates a bench and contains a garden. This zone is seen as a respite from the city that surrounds it. 


Listening Station.
Hi-fi audio and a bench backed with a distorted mirror are inset into the thickened ribbon, catering to both comfort and psychedelics.


Touch and Try.
The birch wood display is inserted into the ribbon as an object. Products are open and accessible—rather than locked behind glass—for everyone to touch and try out.


Meet & Greet.
The ribbon bends and wraps overhead, focusing activity on the space for interaction below and marking the completion of the customer experience.


Learn how things are made.
Beneath the lifted ribbon a modular wall supports the ever-changing story of design, production, and customization.


Embracing history.
The 100-year-old brick is left whitewashed in key areas allowing the minimal material pallette to mix with the historic texture. 


Connecting to the neighborhood.
The historic grit of the city offers a contrasting backdrop to the experience that sits just behind the glass.


Architect: West of West
Client: Garrett Leight California Optical
Fabrication: Maneuverworks
Construction: MG & Company
Photography: Brett Beyer